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Tips to know:

  • This is a newer breed that has an ancestry of a wild breed, namely the Wild Serval found in Africa. Due to their ancestry, these cats are going to have a lot of wild tendencies, such us preferring to eat chicken, loving to go outside [for walks] ability to jump very high, etc.
  • Our cats can weigh up to 15 pounds and can grow upwards of 20 inches long; however, these cats can appear much larger than they really are since they have a stronger athletic build when compared to other domestic cat breeds.  The difference between this type of cat and others is that it’s going to have larger ears and has an exotic fur that has tiny markings similar to a leopard.  The size can vary greatly depending on their ancestry.
  • A Savannah Cat tends to have a very caring and loving personality.  Highly intelligent compared to most cats, many owners find that it’s relatively easy to train.
  • Well-behaved, most of these cats will get along with other cats, dogs and children.  Remember, like most animals, each cat will have their own personality.
  • The reason these cats are so expensive is because they are very difficult to breed.  Costly to raise them, these breeds tend to require proper care to live a long and healthy life, maybe up to 20 years.  Let’s not forget that the demand is very great as well.
  • The term SBT, which you may see in some ads, means Stud Book Traditional.   This simply means the cat is bred down from the Serval, similar to the F3 classification mentioned above, but more than four generations have been removed from the serval, allowing it to breed with other Savannahs, not domesticated cats.  The SBT, in a nutshell, means it’s pure and will only have Savannah parents.  When comparing the SBT to a Savannah, they will be comparable to an F4 and F5 and the main difference is that most owners are able to predict what the cat will be like since you’re able to know more about its ancestry.
  • It’s known to jump as high as 11 feet.
  • Due to the cat’s high energy level, it’s important the cat has room to roam and exercise.  According to, they need a zoo-like atmosphere to swim, hunt and explore to help fulfill its natural instincts.
  • If you’re looking for a lap cat, look for the F4 and F5s as the F1 and F2s prefer to roam on their own and won’t have the basic domesticated instincts.
  • In some states, this breed will be considered a wild animal and it may restrict you from owning one without the proper documentation.  If you decide to get one, check with your local government to see if any rules apply. Example: Alberta does not allow a person to own a F1, F2 or F3. F4s and F5 are allowed.
  • Never let them roam outside on their own as they can run away, but if you insist, they are easily leash trained and can be walked just like a dog.
  • This breed isn’t considered hypoallergenic.
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