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"Well Hi there 

All the way home yesterday, Pumba made it very clear he did not appreciate being in a carry box. He complained all the way home, except for  the moments I opened the zipper enough for him to stick his head out

IMG 2385

Once we got home, there was a brief introduction and sniffing exercise between the two and then it was time  to explore and get oriented 

Then the chase began-not sure really who was chasing who but probably safe to say they each took turns at it. There was little rest time from the beginning until close to 9ish

Simba took his place on my lap and shortly after, pumba curled up with Tony. Did not take long for Simba to get jealous of Pumba being comfortable and being petted - Simba jumped down and now insisted on sitting in Tony’s lap.  Pumba simply moved over and sat right beside me.  

IMG 2367

We kept the two of them in our room with no excitement whatsoever all night

Seems like Pumba is fully integrated with little to no adjustments required 

All good today so far,  they’ve eaten and played, discovered the various sources of water and now are resting on the couch together getting ready for their next energy burst

See photo for 2 very content little guys

Thank you again "

Lu and Tony



Thank you so much  :)

He’s so happy



matt 2724 copy

So cute! 

Zena is doing great!

Other cats don’t really pay attention  to her!

Tired after work …. Zena too

So we’ll all have a 

matt 2781

cat nap.

We love her

Matt, Lee, Julia, Joe, Janelle



He was instantly attracted to my son and 

only wants to be in his arms


Nelu and Ilyas


Zazu  (we call him Fonte Catter [fortunate])

Zazu 1178

He is doing great?

We are currently training him to use the toilet, like his dad. 

We would love to bring him to visit you sometime!!!

Win and Joo


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