Reservation Process

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Reserving your special kitten is easy.

All kittens go to the vet for their first check-up at 6 weeks of age.  To date, ALL have been in exceptionally good health. While there, they receive their initial health shots, de-worming, and de-fleaing.

At this time, we post pictures and videos online so you can see them

You may make an appointment to visit us and pick one to be reserved for you …. or rely on the pictures. We take $1000 non-refundable deposits on kittens and a balance to $1800 due on pickup or prior to delivery of kitten as household pets (non-breeding registration) 

Note: some have sent deposits of $900 which is OK too.

or if you want breeding rights with that kitten, add an additional $1700 for a total of $3500 for kittens with breeding rights (payment plan for the $1700 available) 

SO, If  you want to reserve a kitten let me know ASAP

• Male or Female:

• Breeding or Non-Breeding

• Deposit can be sent by e-transfer to

I will also need your Name, Address, City, Prov, Code, Phone/Text number and email to open a file for your account. I will need this info to transfer the ownership registration papers into your name.

I operate by typical Industry standards; buyers who send me proof of neuter/spay at about 6 months of age will receive their purebred registration papers. I put in the order for ownership transfer immediately and cover the costs of TICA registration transfers. TICA may take up to 6 weeks to process their paperwork and mail it.

I can also cover the cost of neuter/spay AT MY VET  if you like. I get breeder pricing.

Note: TICA usually takes 6 weeks to process the transfer of ownership and registration papers and mails them directly to you. 

For those who want to keep the kitten for breeding purposes, I will order the transfer of TICA ownership and registration papers over to you once I receive the balance of the $3500

Keep in mind that proven male studs can produce as much as $1000 a month in stud rental fees starting at about 6 months of age, fees for kitten sales at $1800, and hold a good resale value.

Sharon Buckingham

129 - 12100 Riverside Way

Richmond BC V7A 4R8

778-870-5505. Eric Buckingham

A TICA registered breeder

Please let me know if you want to make an appointment to come and pick out your kitten.

I keep them at my home.

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